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This topic tree describes the Westwind.Web.Mvc namespace.

  BaseController Base Controller implementation that holds UserState, ErrorDisplay objects that are preinitialized.
  CompressContentAttribute Attribute that can be added to controller methods to force content to be GZip encoded if the client supports it
  DateControl Simple Implemnetation of a Date Control that uses ui.jquery's Date picker control. Very rudimentary Requires: jquery.js and ui.jquery.js loaded (which includes date picker) expects ui. themes in folder below scripts
  EmptyController Empty MVC Controller instance used to instantiate and provide a new ControllerContext for the ViewRenderer
  ErrorController A generic Error Display class that can be used to display standalone error messages with a single line of code. Depends on a Error.cshtml view which is passed an ErrorViewModel as a parameter
  ErrorDisplay An error display component that allows rich rendering of individual messages as well as validation error messages. Object should be passed in to view end rendered with or via a view. Relies on several CSS Styles: .errordisplay, errordisplay-text, errordisplay-warning-icon, errordisplay-info-icon The icon links link to images.
  HtmlHelperExtensions Application specific UrlHelper Extensions
  JsonNetResult Works like JsonResult but uses Json.NET for serialization in MVC
  MvcHtmlUtils Set of generic MVC Html Helper utilities
  NegotiatedResult Returns a content negotiated result based on the Accept header. Minimal implementation that works with JSON and XML content, can also optionally return a view with HTML.
  NegotiatedResultExtensions Extends Controller with Negotiated() ActionResult that does basic content negotiation based on the Accept header.
  PageEnvironment that can be used by Controls to access some common high level functionality
  PagingDetails Contains information about a paging setup
  RequireSslAttribute Allows for dynamically assigning the RequireSsl property at runtime either with an explicit boolean constant, a configuration setting, or a Reflection based 'delegate'
  UrlHelperExtensions Application specific UrlHelper Extensions
  ViewRenderer that renders MVC views to a string using the standard MVC View Engine to render the view. Requires that ASP.NET HttpContext is present to work, but works outside of the context of MVC

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