Namespace Westwind.Web.JsonSerializers

This topic tree describes the Westwind.Web.JsonSerializers namespace.

  JSONSerializer The high level JSON Serializer wrapper that provides serialization and deserialization services to the application. This class merely defers operation to the specified JSON parsing implementation to allow for pluggable JSON serializers to be used. Supported parsers include: * West Wind Native that's built-in (no dependencies) (This is the default) * JavaScriptSerializer (ASP.NET JavaScript Serializer) * JSON.NET (requires JSON.NET
  WestwindJsonSerializer More text is a basic JSON serializer and deserializer that deals with standard .NET types. Unlike the MS Ajax JSONSerializer parser this parser support serialization and deserialization without explicit type markup in the JSON resulting in a simpler two-way model. The inbound model for complex types is based on Reflection parsing of properties.
  JsonDateEncodingModes that determines how JavaScript dates are generated in JSON output

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