Assemblies, Projects and Dependencies

The West Wind Toolkit is made up of a number of assemblies. Depending which features you plan on using not all components are required. This topic aims to explain what each assembly\project contains and what each requires for dependencies.

You can use the assemeblies on their own without any further files and you can find them in:


or - which is easier - you can simply use NuGet to find the projects.


This component provides general purpose utility functionality to .NET applications. This project is not Web application specific but provides general purpose routines. It includes a number of all static Utility classes (StringUtils, DataUtils, ReflectionUtils, SerializationUtils, TimeUtiles, EncryptionUtils etc.) as well as a basic Data Access Layer implementation to facilitate core data access for various of the components. There is also a Configuration Management class, Logging, wrappers around HTTP and SMTP services and many more small utilities useful for general .NET developement.



This is the core Web component that contains core ASP.NET utility functionality. At the core of this library is the WebUtils class that provides many helpers for url formatting and access, various common HTML creation routines, resource access, JSON encoding decoding and much more.



Provides a small set of MVC related utility classes such as simple base controller that provides hookups for error display and user state management for logged in users. UserState object provides mapping users to an always accessible user state object that provides basic user data.

Westwind.Utilities.dll Westwind.Web.dll


Provides a set of WebForms controls and WebForms helpers. Includes a hostMVC related AJAX related controls like AjaxCallback, DragPanel, HoverPanel, ModalDialog and DatePicker. Also includes ClientScriptProxy that uses ClientScript control or base ASP.NET extensions for script loading. Various script loading and embedding tools are also included. There's also DataBinder control that allows binding data elements directly to form properties declaratively.

Westwind.Utilities.dll Westwind.Web.dll


This component provides two data driven ASP.NET Localization Providers and one data driven ResourceManager. It also contains a host of utility classes that deal with managing resources in a database as well as importing and exporting of resources from Resx files.

Westwind.Utilities.dll Westwind.Web.dll Localization Admin folder into Web Site for interactive editing

Westwind BusinessFramework

This component provides a small business object wrapper around LINQ to SQL for basic abstraction of CRUD operations and a layer of separation between the L2S ORM features and the business logic.


HTML Script and CSS Resources

You can pick and choose assemblies for your needs and that's all that's required to run any of the functionality. Scripts and CSS resources are purely optional, but might make it easier to get started.

If you create Web applications you might also want to add the content of the /scripts folder to your project. Specifically (both in .js and .min.js versions):

/scripts/jquery.js /script/jquery-ui.js /themes

CSS and Related Images

/css/Westwind.css /css/Images

The images folder contains a host of background and utility images that are used in the CSS file and throughout the samples. Again - you can style your markup anyway you choose but the CSS provides a starting point if you are starting from scratch.

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