Namespace Westwind.Web.WebApi

This topic tree describes the Westwind.Web.WebApi namespace.

  ApiMessageError that represents an error returned to the client caller. Can be explicitly returned or as part of the UnhandledExceptionFilter.
  BasicAuthenticationFilter Generic Basic Authentication filter that checks for basic authentication headers and challenges for authentication if no authentication is provided Sets the Thread Principle with a GenericAuthenticationPrincipal. You can override the OnAuthorize method for custom auth logic that might be application specific.
  BasicAuthenticationHandler MessageHandler implementation of BasicAuthentication. This handler parses out Authorization headers into a BasicAuthenticationIdentity and sets it on the thread principle. Fires Authentication challenge on outbound 401 Unauthorized responses
  BasicAuthenticationIdentity Custom Identity that adds a password captured by basic authentication to allow for an auth filter to do custom authorization
  JsonpFormatter Handles JsonP requests when requests are fired with text/javascript
  SimplePostVariableParameterBinding A Custom HttpParameterBinding to bind multiple parameters from request body

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