Event that can be hooked to validate each control after it's been unbound. Allows for doing application level validation of the data once it's been returned.

This method receives a DataBindingItem parameter which includes a reference to both the control and the DataSource object where you can check values. Return false from the event method to indicate that validation failed which causes a new BindingError to be created and added to the BindingErrors collection.

public event delItemResultNotification ValidateControl


<<code lang="C#">>protected bool
DataBinder_ValidateControl(Westwind.Web.Controls.DataBindingItem Item)
    if (Item.ControlInstance == txtCategoryId)
        DropDownList List = Item.ControlInstance as DropDownList;
        if (List.SelectedItem.Text == "Dairy Products")
            Item.BindingErrorMessage = "Dairy Properties not allowed
            return false;

    return true;

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