Sets the culture and UI culture to a specific culture. Allows overriding of currency and optionally disallows setting the UI culture.

You can also limit the locales that are allowed in order to minimize resource access for locales that aren't implemented at all.

public static void SetUserLocale(string culture,
	string uiCulture,
	string currencySymbol,
	bool setUiCulture,
	string allowedLocales)


2 or 5 letter ietf string code for the Culture to set. Examples: en-US or en

ietf string code for UiCulture to set

Override the currency symbol on the culture

if uiCulture is not set but setUiCulture is true it's set to the same as main culture

Names of 2 or 5 letter ietf locale codes you want to allow separated by commas. If two letter codes are used any specific version (ie. en-US, en-GB for en) are accepted. Any other locales revert to the machine's default locale. Useful reducing overhead in looking up resource sets that don't exist and using unsupported culture settings . Example: de,fr,it,en-US

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