Namespace Westwind.Data.EfCodeFirst

This topic tree describes the Westwind.Data.EfCodeFirst namespace.

  DbContextFactory that creates dbContext instances and scopes them either to a thread or a Web context for efficient reuse.
  DbContextUtils Extensions to the DbContext class
  EfCodeFirstBusinessBase Light weight Entity Framework Code First Business object base class that acts as a logic container for an entity DbContext instance. Subclasses of this business object should be used to implement most data related logic that deals with creating, updating, removing and querying of data use EF Code First. The business object provides base CRUD methods like Load, NewEntity, Remove that act on the specified entity type. The Save() method uses
  EfCodeFirstContext Optional customized EF CodeFirst Context class that adds support for more full featured low level ADO.NET data access using the Westwind.Utilities.Data.SqlDataAccess class. Use this class as a base class for your custom context instead of DbContext only if you need more sophisticated low level data access.
  IBusinessObject Marker interface for business objects and so we have access to DbContext instance.

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