The Westwind.Web library provides a host of core ASP.NET utility and helper classes.

This library is available via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package Westwind.Web

This library includes a host of components:

  • Light weight to use REST Callback Handler
  • Powerful Client Script/CSS Loader Helpers
  • Server to JavaScript Variable Embedding Component
  • Tiny JavaScript Minifier
  • Gravatar Image Embedding
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Forms Authentication UserState Manager
  • ResponseFilterStream to capture ASP.NET Output to string
  • WebErrorHandler to capture Error Information

Many features in the WebUtils Class:

  • Generic Url and Resolving
  • Script and CSS Link Embedding
  • Setting User Locale based on Browser Settings
  • ASP.NET TextMerging
  • FormVarsToObject, FormVarsToDataRow
  • Automated GZip Encoding
  • Local and Global Resource Retrieval

Additional Web features are provided as part of:

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