Shortcut function to make callback to an AjaxMethodCallback control on a WebForm or a CallbackHandler on the server and returns a JSON result object.

Use this method if you are not using the AjaxMethodCallback control. This approach doesn't require a proxy - rather you specify the method name as a string and parameters explicitly in an array.



<>url<> The URL to access including any query string data.

<>method<> Name of the method to call on the server

<>[parms]<> An array of parameters to be sent to the server side method. Parameters should be passed in the type expected by the server. Object parameters need to only partially match values.

<>callback<> Optional function that is called on a successful callback. Function receives the result value of the method call as a typed value.

<>errorCallback<> Optional function that is called when an error occurs. Receives a CallbackException object as a parameter that holds exception information. You can check the Message (message in FoxPro) property for the error message.

<>options<> Optional object map that provides options for the <AjaxMethodCallback> object. You can specify any of its property values as option parameters. Specifically check out the postbackMode option which allows specifying what data is posted including form data.

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