Database Installation for Samples

The West Wind Web Toolkit's full distribution includes a host of samples, which rely on a SQL Server database. You can use SQL Server 2005 or later (Expression or full versions) for this to work.

DevSamples Database

The sample database is called "DevSamples" and the samples use aconnection to this database called DevSamplesConnection in web.config. After creation of the database, please ensure that your connection string reflects your local Web Server and security settings.

The database is provided as a Sql Script and a loader EXE that can install the database for you in SQL Server 2005/2008 (or Express) or later.

  • To install this package run:

This small utility is used to create the database and add logins based on your local environment so hopefully the application will run without further database configuration.

The installer creates logins for NETWORK SERVICE (Server) and ASPNET accounts (on XP) and grants owner access, so that the Web application can run with integrated security from IIS.

Problems with Database? Make sure Permissions are set for Web Account

If you have problems with the database not working, the most likely issue is that the Web user account (the Application Pool account - ASPNET, NETWORK USER typically) are not installed or don't have permissions. Please check the database first. If necessary drop this account from the database first and re-add it explicitly again to ensure you're computers security keys are applied.

If you chose to create a custom Login using SQL Server Security please remember to update the DevSamplesConnectionString in web.config. It's always a good idea to double check this connection string if things are not working.

Time Trakker Sample Data

There's another TimeTrakker sample application that's a full application that demonstrates many of the components in this toolkit in a small, but complete application.

To install the TimeTrakker sample data:

  • Create a new SQL database called TimeTrakker
  • Open Server Explorer (or other SQL Execution engine) and execute
  • Install_TimeTrakker_Database_SchemaAndData.sql

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