The Westwind.Web.WebForms library build onto of the Westwind.Web library and provides WinForms specific controls and helper components.

You can find this component on NuGet:

PM> Install-Package Westwind.Web.WebForms


  • AjaxMethodCallback Control for easy REST Service Calls
  • jQueryDatePicker Control (jQuery UI)
  • AutoComplete Control (jQuery UI)
  • ModalDialog Control
  • DragPanel Control
  • HoverPanel Control
  • ScriptContainer Control

DataBinder Control:

  • Declarative Two-Way DataBinding for WebForms
  • Extension Properties Control Binding
  • Bind anything to anything
  • Binding Error Validation
  • Extensible Business Layer Validation Hooks

Utility Controls:

  • ErrorDisplay Control for consistent Page Error Messages
  • MessageDisplay Page for full page Error Displays
  • Captcha Control using interactive Math Input
  • Tab Control - easy to use tab headers
  • PreserveProperty Control - declarative ViewState

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