High level helper function that is used to load script resources for various AJAX controls Loads a script resource based on the following scriptLocation values:

  • WebResource Loads the Web Resource specified out of ControlResources. Specify the resource that applied in the resourceName parameter

  • Url/RelativeUrl loads the url with ResolveUrl applied

  • empty string (no value) No action is taken and nothing is embedded into the page. Use this if you manually want to load resources

public void LoadControlScript(Control control,
	string scriptLocation,
	string resourceName,
	ScriptRenderModes renderMode)


The control instance for which the resource is to be loaded

WebResource, a virtual path or a full Url. Empty to not embed any script refs (ie. user loads script herself)

The name of the resource when WebResource is used for scriptLocation null otherwise



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Class ClientScriptProxy

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