Class HoverPanel

The HoverPanel class provides an easy to use base AJAX control that allows quick access to server side content from a URL and embed it into the control's content. The control provides various visual customization aspects from shadows, transparency, the ability to drag it around and close it as well as pop up and auto hide.

The most prominent feature of this control is to provide auto-popup functionality that shows context sensitive content while hovering and hiding it when moving off.


For more details on how the control works, see the HoverPanel Windows topic. This control allows calling back to explict URLs either on the same page or calling other URLs within the same site that feed the content to be rendered in the hover panel control.

public class HoverPanel : DragPanel

Class Members




Returns an Event Callback reference string that can be used in Client script to initiate a callback request.

public string GetCallbackEventReference(string QueryStringExpression)


if set tries to move up the window if it's too low to fit content. This setting can cause problems with very large content.


Determines whether the window is closed automatically if you mouse off it when the window is a hover window.


The client script event handler function called when the remote call completes just before the result content is displayed. Allows modification of the content and possibly blocking of the content by returning false.


Override to force simple IDs all around


Determines the how the event is handled on the callback request. ShowHtmlMousePosition shows the result in a window. CallEventHandler fires the specified script function.


The bottom offset when the the panel is shown at the mouse position


The right offset when the the panel is shown at the mouse position


The client ID of the control that receives the hoverpanel output. This affects only the HTML if empty the hoverpanel is used.


The height of an IFRAME if mode is IFrame related. Use this if you need to specifically size the IFRAME within the rendered panel to get the size just right.


Determines whether this request is a callbackDetermines whether the current request is a callback from the AjaxMethodCallback or HoverPanel control.


Determines if the navigation is delayed by a hesitation. Useful for link hovering.


Determines whether ClientID and UniqueID values are returned as just as the ID or use full naming container syntax.


The name of the form from which values are posted back to the server. Note only a single form's values can be posted back!


If true causes the page to post back all form variables.


The Url to hit on the server for the callback to return the result. Note: Not used when doing a MethodCallback


The timeout for the server request to retrieve data in milliseconds


Override to force simple IDs all around


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.web.webforms.dll

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