Databinding with DataBinder

The DataBinder Control is a databinding extender that provides Simple Control DataBinding to any ASP.NET Web Forms control. The DataBinder provides deterministic two-way databinding and can consolidate databinding, unbinding, error trapping and error display.

The control provides the following features:

  • Allows deterministic two-way data binding
  • Binds single object or data values to a single control property (any object value to any control property)
  • Unbinds single control values back into object or data values
  • Handles data conversion from text to typed data
  • Manages any binding errors in a BindingErrors collection
  • Allows for custom validation events
  • Can check for required values in input
  • Provides for displaying error icons next to controls
  • Shows message summary with links to controls
  • Can generate interactive Error display that highlights error controls
  • Allows for adding binding errors programmatically
  • Can work with existing ASP.NET Validator controls

The DataBinder works in the ASP.NET Designer as an extender control that extends any controls with DataBinding properties:

At runtime the DataBinder takes over binding and unbinding of properties as well as error trapping and display - here in combination with the ErrorDisplay control:

For more information on how this works see the How DataBinder works topic.

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