The following examples demonstrate a few simple and concise task based features of Web Connection. To check out more complete sample applications, click the button below and pick from the sample apps on the slide out menu.

Make sure that the Web Connection Sample Server is running in FoxPro before trying these links.

Simple Dynamic Request

What would any kind of development be without the Hello World request? The following link shows a dynamic request that says hello and returns server and form information from the Web server.

Hello Web Connection

Simple Data Query Example

The following example lets you list some data from a number of music albums and see that data displayed using a code based approach. The first button uses purely hand written HTML code, the second uses the HtmlDataGrid Helper.

Data Input and Interactive Html Forms

This small applet shows a guest book using basic FoxPro table access to a single table. The sample uses Html Templates stored on disk with FoxPro expressions embedded into the page and the new HtmlHelpers for simplified Html control creation.

Guest Book Browser

Script Only Pages

This small sample page demonstrates how you can use scripts that don't require any external FoxPro code but can embed all related logic into the script page.

No Code Scripting

Markdown Editing

The following textbox lets you enter some Markdown text and echo it back out to the display when you press the submit button. Note: Scripts also support inline markdown via <markdown></markdown> tags.

Static Markdown File Rendering

You can render any Markdown file on disk directly into HTML.

The following request links to an .md page that is a blog post created as Markdown with related local resources, and simply copied to into a folder. This page can now be rendered in place. This makes it really easy to publish text content. You can create a Markdown_Template.wcs page to control the page header chrome for Markdown documents which are rendered into the template.

Blog Post from Markdown File

Date Display

The following form demonstrates various ways to display and retrieve dates from input controls.

Html Date Display

File and Image Uploads

Uploading files and images, both on desktop and mobile applications is a frequent requirement. The following form demonstrates how to upload files using both traditional <input type="file" /> uploads as well as AJAX style uploading for single or multiple files.

File Uploads Image Upload Image Carousel

Web Sockets

This simple example demonstrates using Web Sockets through a simple chat messaging application that lets you broadcast messages to any users connected.

Web Socket Chat Example

PDF Printing from FoxPro Reports

This sample prints a FoxPro report to a PDF document

Authentication - Securing an individual Page

Restricting access to pages is often important and it's fairly easy to secure either individual pages or entire applications behind username and password. Click the button below to access, secured content - if you're not logged in you will be prompted. Otherwise you are passed through and allowed to see the 'top secret' content. use test@test.com/test for email and password

Access secured Page

Cookies and Session State Management

Client side Cookies and server side Sessions allow you to keep state between requests which makes it possible to track users through a site and store information about a user generically.

Cookies and Sessions