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Welcome to Rick Strahl's West Wind Technologies site. I love to code and this site is a reflection of that. On this site you can find Rick's development Weblog, an extensive article archive of Rick's articles, and a support message board to have developer discussions. West Wind Technologies is also the developer of variety of development and end user tools and offers consulting services for projects large and small.

Version 0.77b - February 9th, 2015
Need to test URLs for development testing or stress test a Web site under heavy load? WebSurge is an easy to use tool that makes it easy to create or capture URLs for easy playback either interactively or under load. Test individual URLs for development testing of HTML, REST or SOAP services, or capture entire sessions that can be played back under heavy load for stress testing. Use our easy to use environment to run tests, play back individual URLs or sessions, or use the command line interface to automate the process. Simple text based session files make it easy to store and create repeatable scripts that you can store on disk or the cloud, share or check into source control. Check out WebSurge for all your URL testing needs.
Version 5.70 - October 7th, 2014
Create Web applications with Visual FoxPro and take advantage of a powerful and proven framework using the FoxPro environnment you already know. Develop and test your code inside of the VFP IDE against live Web requests. Web Connection provides a core foundation engine, and several highlevel frameworks for developing just about any kind of Web application you can imagine. Create server driven HTML with our ASP.NET like Web Control Framework, or chose a more MVC like Templating approach. Build rich JavaScript apps and use REST services to feed data. Build raw POX or SOAP backends or use no framework at all and create your own low level engine on top of the core. If you need Web for FoxPro - Web Connection can do it all.
Version 1.98 -January 24th, 2015
This library provides a database driven ASP.NET Resource Provider and .NET Resource Manager to server Localization resources from a Sql Server database. Use either the provided Web based interactive resource editor, .NET code using our Localization data manager class, or simply manipulate data directly in the database to enter and update resources. Many related tools and utilities simplify resource management and use in your ASP.NET applications.
Version 1.30 - September 30th, 2014
West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator Need to call Web Services with Visual FoxPro? Then check out our Web Service Proxy Generator that can easily create FoxPro SOAP 1.x Web Service clients using the reliable .NET service client as the connector interface. This tool automates the .NET service client generation and creates a FoxPro front end class. It's easy and you can call any complex SOAP 1.x services in minutes using a simple FoxPro class and a few lines of code.
Version 3.50 - December 11th, 2013
Web Monitor can help you monitor your Web sites or any URL for failures or changes, and notify you when the URL fails or changes. Get notified on failures via email, or execute a URL or a local application in response to a failure. Why use expensive online services, when you can run your own, easy to use solution using Web Monitor in-house for a fraction of the cost?
Version 5.70 - Dec. 12, 2014
West Wind Client Tools is a rich suite of utility classes that provide Internet functionality including SMTP & POP3 Email, full featured HTTP Web access, FTP and low level TCP/IP access. Utility classes include  object based data access to SQL Server and Web Data, a light-weight business object framework, a .NET Interop helper component, XML conversion features, basic graphing for both desktop and Web applications, several configuration management classes and a rich library of utility and API functions useful in everyday Visual FoxPro development.
Version 4.68 - September 10th, 2013
Need to create digital documentation? Help Builder is here to help you create professional documentation for end user applications, developer components, or documentation or online knowledgebases for a project, product or service. Focus on creating documentation quickly with an interactive editor and design templates that let you concentrate on your content. Output to Html Help (CHM), plain Html for your Web site and Word or PDF output all from a single source. If you're a software developer you can also import and document .NET, FoxPro and COM components, Web Services, Sql Server and FoxPro databases and work with Help Builder directly in Visual Studio and Visual FoxPro.
Version 2.55 - Oct. 2nd, 2014
The West Wind Toolkit for .NET provides a host of essential utility functionality for your ASP.NET Web applications. From easy to use AJAX and REST services and jQuery client access, to a powerful DataBinding control, to Globalization, to core ASP.NET utility functionality like logging, error handling and configuration and script management, to a large set of utility functions useful in just about any .NET and/or ASP.NET Web project. This toolkit comprises a set of functionality that is not flashy, but covers many core, day to day tasks required in almost every .NET and Web application. Get productive today.
Version 2.50 - Dec. 30th, 2013
Create easy to use, strongly typed configuration classes in .NET and store configuration data in a variety of common storage formats. Store config data in .config files, different sections or external files, or use plain XML files, strings, or SQL tables to store configuration data. Never have missing configuration values again as defaults are always present and can optionally be written to the configuration store if they don't exist yet. Encrypt individual configuration keys selectively and write configuration any time. Lots of features and easy to use - it's never been so easy to create easily managed configuration data into your apps.
December 15th, 2013
Need to access .NET code from FoxPro? wwDotnetBridge is a free and open source .NET Runtime hosting engine and .NET access helper for Visual FoxPro. It allows hosting of the .NET runtime in your FoxPro applications, and can access .NET components without having to register those components for COM first. This opens up most of the .NET framework and .NET 3rd party libraries to your code.
Version 2.50 - 10/30/2009
The Web Store provides a source code based, .NET e-commerce base implementation and business and Web framework. Get a store a store setup and running in minutes with quick Web based setup, a full online administration interface, flexible user interface design, support for several Credit Card Gateways including Authorize.NET, PayFlowPro and PayPal, and easily extensible business logic based using a provided business framework. The Web Store is more than just an application - it's also a full featured Web application framework that can be used for any type of application, plus it includes a full featured offline WinForms offline client application.
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