Business Objects

The business objects are the core of the West Wind Web Store and this section demonstrates and documents the base business object framework as well as the application specific business objects that handle all of the applications business logic.

There is more info on the Business Object Base Classes that describes the wwBusiness class that the following classes are all based on.

  WebStoreFactory This class serves as a Class Factory for the business object classes to allow a single point of providing a class. This allows easy specification of custom subclasses of the business objects to be used.
  busInvoice The invoice class is the most powerful class in the Web store application. It's the main interface to the developer working with the Web Store as it acts as a high level object through which you can reach the various other objects including the lineitems and customer objects.
  busCustomer The customer business object contains all information about address and contact info as well as some minimal tracking information. This object is also used for the customer's profile information which is mapped directly via a cookie id or via custom logins.
  busItem The busItem class controls the inventory in the Web Store application. It provides features for the online store in accessing items and showing list of items as well as providing limited stock updat functionality.
  busLineItem The LineItem class used to hold and manipulate the Invoice lineitems. This class provides an interface both to a single LineItem as well as a group of lineitems which is represented by the Details table (wws_lineitems_LIST).
  busTLineItem The Temporary LineItem class used to hold temporary lineitems. This class behaves only slightly different than the lineitems class - it includes a few extra fields that deal with timeouts of the temporary lineitems.
  busLookups This object provides a number of generic and reusable lists. It's based on the <<%= TopicLink([wws_lookups],[wws_lookups]) %>> table which contains info for Categories, States and Countries.

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