Business Object Base classes

This section describes the business object base classes which will be used to derive new business objects.

The core base class is wwBusiness which in turn contains an instance of a wwData derivative (wwSQLData for example) to handle the actual back end data access. These classes here, especially wwBusiness, are important as the methods exposed by wwBusiness are exposed to all the business object classes.

To use the classes please also refer to the Creating new Business Objects topic.

Class NameDescription
  wwBusiness This is the base business object class that all Web Store classes are subclassed from.
  wwData This is the base Data interface that is used by wwBusiness to access the backend database.
  ValidationErrorCollection A collection of ValidationError objects that is used to collect validation errors during validation of the business object Validate() method calls.
  ValidationError Object that holds a single Validation Error for the business object

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