Class ccBluePay

The ccBluePay class works with the BluePay Gateway. BluePay is an HTTP based Gateway that allows for direct POST interaction. It uses a somewhat quirky mechanism for sending data to the server and returning results through HTTP Location headers.

What do you need:

  • BluePay Gateway URL
  • BluePay API Account Id (found in Admin Interface)
  • BluePay API Secret Key
  • No further installation required - uses plain POST interface to server gateway

For information merchant processing and requirements see Credit Card Processing.

Custom Properties you need to set

Authorize.NET is about the easiest format. You merely need to se the HTTPLink, MerchantId and MerchantPassword properties.

CC = new ccBluePay();
CC.HttpLink  = "";
CC.MerchantId = "123311112311";
CC.MerchantPassword = "xdd3aT4/a1ts2lq/Oadea22a";

Class Members


Validates the actual card against Authorize.Net Gateway using the HTTP interface.

public bool ValidateCard()

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Class ccBluePay

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