Credit Card Processing

The Web Store provides base support for credit card processing with several providers.

Remember Merchant Services require two parts:

The Internet Gateway Provider
These are the companies that provide the actual API for processing credit card transactions. The provider basically takes your incoming transaction and routes it to the Credit Card networks that perform the actual payment processing. The providers often provide their own Credit Card processing network interfaces or broker with one of the major services like Nova, Wells Fargo, American Express (which is always a separate network) etc. If you already are processing credit cards and only need to add Internet processing check to see if your processing network is supported by the gateway provider.

The Merchant Service
This is the actual processing entity and usually is some entity like Nova, Wells Fargo, American Express or any other of the big Credit Card processors. Sometimes the Merchant Service and Internet Gateway can be provided by the same company but in most cases these are separate. The Internet Gateway Provider usually has deals with various back end Merchant Service providers and can set you up with an Merchant Account if you don't already have. You may want to shop around for rates though before committing to any deals because rates can vary widely. Check with your bank, places like CostCo even, as well as considering the rates offered by the providers. Make sure you mention that you will have non-swiped and Internet transactions. Rates for this level is usually more expensive but it's important that you compare rates on the same type of transaction level.

The Web Store currently integrates with the following Gateway Providers:

  • Authorize.Net
    Authorize.Net resells their merchant network services direct and provides great value and a very clean HTTP Based interface for processing cards. There's no setup fee and rates are very competitive. Response times are very quick (2-5 seconds in most cases). Because the interface is HTTP POST based there is no further installation or configuration required for processing.

    Merchant Plus
    Signup now
    Price: $14.95/month + $9.95 Statement Fee, Free setup, $.05 per transaction + Merchant Percentages/Fees

  • PayFlow Pro
    Payflow Pro is part of Verisign and their API level product works very well and provides excellent performance and stability. Payflow also have lower end HTML based entry called PayFlow Link that costs less but requires you to transfer to the PayFlow Site for Credit Card Processing. PayFlow Link is not supported by the West Wind Web Store - only PayFlow Pro support is provided out of the box.

    Darlene Nieder
    Territory Manager
    VeriSign Payment Services
    650-426-3612 direct
    Price: $60/month, $249 setup, $.10 per transaction + Merchant Percentages

  • AccessPoint
    AccessPoint works off an ASP reseller model and signs up through third party providers. Their rates tend to be very competitive, with quick setup and an entirely HTTP based API, which requires no further installation or software for accessing the merchant processing network. Also known as Processing Source International.

    Darrell Gardner
    AccessPoint ISO
    DNG Solutions
    Price: $45/month, $249 setup, $.15 per transaction + Merchant Percentages/Fees

  • PayPal
    The Web Store also integrates PayPal payments. PayPal is not a Gateway Provider, but rather a bank account based payment transfer service. All you need to process payments through PayPal is a checking account and an email address. However, PayPal integration is not as seamless as the others as it requires that you visit the PayPal Site to make the actual payment. The PayPal Site then returns you back to the Web Store.

    Price: No fees or charges, but fairly high transaction percentages varying on purchase price

Note: any prices are subject to change. The above contacts are representatives we have worked with before but you can use others provided from the provider Web sites. Check the provider Web sites for up to date info or better yet call to get an up to date quote for your secific situation. We will add more providers in future releases.

If you contact any of the providers please mention West Wind Technologies and the West Wind Web Store to let them know that there is interest and business being generated for them through our software. One way to do this is by using the links above for signup. This helps us maintain good a relationships and partner contacts that can provide our customers with better rates and integration. Note that West Wind Technologies is not involved with any of these companies - we're providing this info purely as informational material for our customers.

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