Credit Card Processing Classes

The Web Store provides a set of Credit Card Processing classes that greatly simplify processing cards easily. The classes provide a common front end inteface for several Gateway processors.

For more information on which providers are supported check out the Credit Card Processing topic in the user guide which provides basic info on Merchant setups as well as contact information for merchant gateways supported by the Web Store.

The processing classes are all based on a common base ccProcessing Class that provides the base public interface for card processing. This class provides members for all the common things you need to pass to a processor such as cardholder name, amount, cardnumber and expiration dates etc. Each of the provider specific subclasses then implement at least the ValidateCard() method that performs the actual interaction with the provider. These methods pick out the properties set on the object and perform their task.

The specific classes are:

For the most part the providers are completely interchangeable. You can simply switch to another provider by using a different class. The Using the Credit Card Processing Classes topic provides more detail on this.

The Web Store also supports processing with PayPal. PayPal Processing is somewhat different since it's not through a GateWay interface but instead deals with a more application integrated redirection and return mechanism. For more info check out the PayPalHelper Class.

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