General Configuration and Notes

Once you've configured a particular Credit Card processor you can start configuring the West Wind Web Store for operation with this provider.

Web Store Integration

The main options for Credit Card operation are configured in the WebStoreConfig class (which maps to the web.config file). You can administer the settings through the Administration | Configuration page:

These options map to the following keys in Web.Config (and the Corresponding properties in WebStoreConfig):

<add key="ccProcessCardsOnline" value="True" />
<add key="CCProcessor" value="PayFlowPro" />
<add key="CCMerchantId" value="YOURVENDORID" />
<add key="CCPassword" value="YOURPASSWORD" />
<add key="CCHostUrl" value="" />
<add key="CCReferingOrderUrl" value="" />

Note the keys here are used by the Business Objects so the flags here apply to standalone applications as well as ASP.Net operation.

The ccProcessCardsOnline flag determines whether cards are processed online on the site. This flag is off by default which means that orders are simply saved without processing. If set on automatic processing can occur.

For a variety of reasons you may want to not process cards online:

  • Fraud
    First and foremost there's the issue of fraud detection - it always helps to physically review orders before processing them to disallow obviously fraudulent entries.

    Orders that require verification
    If your cart can't verify orders online for things like upgrades or other items that may cause that order to not be for sure processed online processing may not be the best choice. The Web Store provides flags (regauto in wws_items) that let you check for items that require manual review and can simply save those while immediately process others that don't require this sort of check.

    Processing happening online is slow depending on the processor and you need to have people wait.

This is the credit card processor. Currently AccessPoint and PayFlowPro are the only two directly supported. More will be added at a later point in time.

This is the Merchant account name - providers call this different things, but consider this your logon id.

This is the Merchant password.

This is the URL or Server name used to log on for the Gateway processor. Again this varies by provider. For some providers this will be a URL for other it will be an IP Address or Domain name.

This is only used by AccessPoint - which specifies where the order originated. This value is configurable in Access Point's configuration and must match what you have configured on the AccessPoint Merchant Manager.

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