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Version 1.75


  • Improved support for ASP.NET 2.0 release
    This release provides a full update to the release version of ASP.NET 2.0 for the Web project. There have been a number of 2.0 specific enhancements. However, the core functionality is still using core 1.x controls and practices for the most part while being 100% compatible with 2.0. We're still evaluating exactly which 2.0 ASP.NET features are a good match for this application, rather than blindly moving everything to newer and not necessarily better 2.0 controls and class interfaces.

  • Improved Business Object Entity support
    One key improvement of the .NET 2.0 functionality improved and easier to use Entity functionality for business objects. Using Generics there's a much cleaner Entity member on business objects that represent business object properties transparently without explicitly loading up properties.

  • Enhanced Databinding Error Display Management
    We've enhanced the error management for binding errors and business object validation rule errors to display clearer error messages and provide direct access to fields that are in error. This feature does not use stock ASP.NET controls, but rather control driven functionality that is automatically supported on every control. The enhancements deal with better default error delegation and providing cleaner error messages, clearer marking of fields and the ability to jump to affected field for editing.

  • Easier Credit Card Configuration
    Credit card configurations are now more easily configurable and you can turn on and off PayPal and Credit Card Processing directly from the Administration Configuration page. If you have one of the supported types of processors (Authorize.NET, Verisign PayFlow, LinkPoint, AccessPoint and/or PayPal) you can be up and processing cards in minutes.

  • New Specials Manager 
    We've added a new form that allows managing the Specials displayed on the store's home page. This page allows easy viewing, sorting, adding, editing and deleting of Specials in a single form.

Version 1.50


  • Added support for ASP.NET 2.0
    The application has been ported to run on ASP.NET 2.0. This is a base port only in that the application was migrated and a handful of issues in the project have been updated for operation under ASP.NET 2.0.

  • wwAppConfiguration updated for ASP.NET 2.0
    The wwAppConfiguration now works under ASP.NET's new configuration file format. Although ASP.NET 2.0 improves configuration file management this class continues to provide features above and beyond what the base interface provides. The class now works properly for both 1.x and 2.x applications.

  • Promo Code Support
    We've improved Promo code support, so Promo codes can now be applied while the order is in process. Orders are displayed with discounts applied.

  • Configuration Editor for various Lists
    There are now proper editors for configuration lists including Promo Codes, States, Countries, Referers and Tools lookups.

  • A few AJAX style lookups in various lists 
    Various lists in the system now provide quick preview hover windows. Item displays let you see item detail and the invoice list form lets you preview invoice detail without clicking into invoices or items. These operations are handled by a new wwHoverPanel control that makes short work of creating these popups.

  • Product Filtering for Inventory List screen
    The Inventory list screen now allows you to set a search filter to view items in large lists more easily.

  • Many User Interface Enhancements
    We've made a number of small enhancements to the administration user interface to provide more flexibility. Credit Card options can now be turned on and off dynamically without changing page code. The admin interface has been overhauled for better browser compatibility - many small issues with various browsers have been fixed. 

Version 1.30


  • Added support for LinkPoint and PayPal for payment processing
    The LinkPoint Gateway API is now supported for direct plug-in support in the Web Store in addition to Authorize.NET, Verisign PayFlowPro and AccessPoint. You can now also use PayPal to process payments, so you can get up and running quickly without a merchant account. 
  • SubItem Support Improved
    We've improved SubItem support in the store. You can now specify items as subitems of another which hides them from item display lists. SubItems can also be easily displayed in parent items either with manual HTML markup or a special insertion tag that embeds all child items automatically.
  • Style sheet improvements
    We've made a number of adjustments in the default layout of the store which results in a cleaner looks for the store. We've also improved cross browser support so the store should now render nearly identically with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla style browsers.
  • New BindingSourceObject on databinding controls
    A number of people are databinding at runtime and a number are finding that the BindingSource property does not work with local variables. The new BindingSourceObject property allows passing a reference rather than the string property passed to the BindingSource property, and this reference does not have to be defined on the form level. Note there's no UI support for this feature as the databinding works against ANY .NET object.
  • wwSMTP.MailServer now supports port in Address string
    You can now specify both MailServer address and Port via the MailServer string in the format: smtp.server.com:2525. This allows client applications more easy configuration options for mail server that now more commonly are using non-standard SMTP ports for sending email to avoid spam attacks. 
  • Fixed bug in wwBusiness.SetTransaction
    There was a bug in the SetTransaction code that handles passing forward of transactions. It would cause a new connection to get opened even if no transaction was passed in resulting in an unclosed and unreferenced connection object. This could cause application lockups if the application's pool of SQL connections runs out.
  • Offline Manager Enhancements
    The offline manager user interface has been updated considerably and there's much improved support on the item manager and the ability to upload items to the Web Server. A new customer selection tool makes it easier to manage customers. Automatic discounting option added. New lineitem display format using a standard listview. Updated multi-column list support for all drop downs. Sortable customer list.
  • Many usability enhancements
    It's been a while since the last update and so there has been slew of minor usability enhancements in all aspects of the store. Most of the changes are in the Admin interface and specifically in item management both in the admin interface and in the Offline Manger application. It's quite possible to manage your inventory via remote interface of the Offline Manager.

Version 1.20

  • wwAppConfiguration Enhancements
    We've added significant enhancements to the wwAppConfiguration class that provides the ability to easily store config settings in other sections of the config file, in external config files, to string, to plain XML file and to SQL Server in a single field. The class has also been updated to store all config values culture neutrally. NOTE: This may affect existing configuration with decimal, double, float and DateTime values if you are upgrading. Be sure to check your configuration settings after an update!
  • Vista DB Support
    We've added support for the small and lightweight VistaDb database engine to our business object layer. A new external class/assembly wwDataVistaDb subclassed from wwData provides a data interface for the business object to the VistaDb engine.
  • Many minor tweaks and adjustments
    There have been a ton of adjustments and optimizations to the Web Store interface and UI. A number of classes have been simplified, a number of business object methods have been optimized and the UI itself has been streamlined for more consistent operation.
  • Web Store Client Updates
    The Web Store Client application also has seen a number of major improvements. Some of the dependencies on third party tools (ActiveReports specifically) have been moved into separate code bases so the app can run if you don't need the reporting support. The UI has been updated as well and there are many functional enhancements.

Version 1.1

  • Offline Manager Updates
    The offline Order Manager application has been updated considerably and is now fully functional. The order manager allows downloading of orders into a WinForms application to manage orders and inventory locally. The manager interacts with the Web site via Web Services. This is not a 'disconnected' application in the usual sense but rather a completely separate application that simply pulls data from the Web site as needed for local storage.
  • Addition of secondary open access Web Service
    The Web Store already includes an Adminstration Web Service. Now we've added an open access service that doesn't sit in the secure admin area to allow querying inventory information and uploading of invoices. This allows the ability for partners to interact with the application remotely without requiring special permissions.
  • New wwAppConfiguration options
    The wwAppConfiguration class can now store Configuration settings in separate .config sections or completely store config settings externally. Syntax for using any overloads to the default behavior of reading from the standard AppSettings has been greatly simplified.
  • wwBusiness::OnStatusMessage event
    Added a new StatusMessage event that allows posting messages back to calling code from within business object logic.
  • Updated Documentation
    The documentation has been updated considerably with more examples and cross links. We've also added a number of additions to existing topics in the configuration section based on questions and feedback from our customers and folks trying the product out. Also all code is now syntax color highlighted for your viewing pleasure <g>.

    There's now an included logging framework which allows logging each request to disk. Logging can be performed in a variety of ways. The log file can also be used to log application events (startup/stop for example) and logging of errors via the WebErrorHandler class. Log data can also be graphed using a table based graphing class.
  • Form adjustments to utilize ASP.Net features more completely
    Most of the forms in the Web Store have been reworked to take additional advantage of the ASP.Net object model especially in list display and list item handling. This has simplified the code in several places in addition to providing the proper ASP.Net way to do things.
  • WebStoreFactory Class for all object instantiation
    All business object instantiations now occur through the WebStoreFactory class to allow easy subclassing of the business objects.
  • Specials Listings
    You can now manage a 'specials' list directly through your inventory items by simply setting the various Specials fields of the Inventory item. Each item that has the specials flag set will display in the Specials list.
  • Improved Item display options
    The Item List displays now make smarter use of images and provide alternating image locations. The Item Lists now use pure ASP.Net DataGrid code to handle clicks and submissions unlike the raw code used previously. This has greatly simplified the code though.
  • Image Mangement Improvements
    We've simplified image management by providing a standard image naming convention through a single image name. There are now two images per Sku - standard size and abstract/small size. You can now upload a single image and automatically have it resized on the server for both the standard and small sizes. Images are named with your choice, with the abstract image size (used for specials/itemlists etc.) created with an sm_ prefix. This makes image management much easier.
  • Support for abstract text
    You can now specify abstract text for an item. You can also create this text automatically by trimming the full item content for one or all topics (if they don't yet have an abstract).
  • Statistics
    The admin page now also includes a statistics page which can be used to monitor the application. It shows the number of open connections.
  • Many improvements in the business objects and data
    The underlying business objects and data tables have undergone some tuning and cleanup which result in a cleaner BO interface and also provide better performance overall.
  • wwAppConfiguration enhancements
    The Configuration class now supports Enum types (represented as strings in the front end) so you can now persist them in addition to all simple value types. One or more configuration keys can now be encrypted before being written out to the .Config file so you can hide passwords and connection strings on disk.
  • Addition of a simple two-way encryption class
    The wwEncrypt class provides easy symetrical encryption via DES to encrypt and decrypt strings and bytes.
  • Credit Card Processing Updates
    Credit Card Processing has now been hooked up to support online transactions as well as post transaction (Admin) processing of transactions. The Inventory database has been changed to allow items to be configurable as 'Auto-Confirmable' which allows determining whether and entire order can processed and confirmed immediately. If it does and clears credit Confirmations can be automatically be sent out for each item (if electronic confirmation information is provided).
  • PayFlowPro support hooked up
    PayFlowPro support is now provided in the credit card processing modules. The interface is hooked through the COM interface but requires no extra files beyond the PayFlowPro SDK installation.

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