Re: Can't run xxxtest.prg
Feb. 27, 2012
09:46 am
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From: Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
To: Garth Groft

As far as FiC performance is concerned, what really matters is the product number of rows * number of columns per view

No limitation with local updateable views, you can have as many updateable fields as you see fit

I recommend:
- you have a read-only parent view for navigation
- you requery updateable parent view and child views when parent view recno() changes (.wAfterRowChange())

use awFrm.wViewParmSet() to requery updateable views


Thanks. Our application is currently running great in VFP IDE using free tables. Local views would be great if application to our app. Our application has three major tables needing product data updates. One table is a parent table with 143 fields, nearly all fields up-datable. There are two child tables with well over 200 up-datable fields in each. So combined the app has over 600 up-datable fields for product data.

Are there any limits to local views that would preclude using a local view for each of the three tables? The three views need to be associated by filter or parent / child relationship. The parent and one child table are currently displayed in grids on the same form.

If you prefer, i can create a new post for this discussion if this topic is more VFP than FoxInCloud. I think you told me that FiC does not currently support parent / child grids linked by SET RELATION.



Thanks for this nice feedback

Please note this '=' issue is a FAA bug we shall fix ASAP.

Also we'll shortly issue FAA and FAS V 1.1 with more complete VFP event model support.

You may use tables for data display, may I advise to use views for data update?



Our sample app is working now, after adding an assignment (=) preceding our message box command per your suggestion:
=MESSAGEBOX("Hello FoxInCloud User",64,"Notify")

Now we can move on and explore a sample app with more controls and functionality, as well as validation of our design for multi-user table access.

Thank you very much.


Sorry, I meant *.?cx ...


Troy got the form working except for the message box. There were 2 scriptmaps for *.sa (*.xxx). He removed both and used the wconnect tools to recreate a new one. Then it worked.

I will email you the form with the messagebox by PM. (i do not know what vcx you are referring to.)


-- thn (FoxInCloud)