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ie7 Webpage has expired message, using back button
Oct. 5, 2007
12:05 pm
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From: Marcelo
To: All

Last few weeks I am experiencing problems with IE7: when I submit a request to query recors on fox pro (using type POST in the form action), this list returns as output lots of records in a list; when I click view in a record it goes to the view page, and then if I hit the Internet Explorer 7 back button to go back to the list of records, the IE displays a page with the message:

Webpage has expired
Most likely cause:
The local copy of this webpage is out of date, and the website requires that you download it again.

What you can try:
Click on the Refresh button on the toolbar to reload the page. After refreshing, you might need to navigate to the specific webpage again, or re-enter information.

This message was not being dislplayed till few weeks ago. And I tested on Firefox and older versions of IE and the message does not come up either, so it seems to be a issue with IE7.

Can somebody help (I am using webconnection 4.6)?