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Re: oGlobal vs oResources
Mar. 29, 2012
12:46 pm
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From: Rick Strahl
To: Bob Roenigk
Hi Bob,

Aaargh. oGlobal shouldn't be there...

oResources is the right property that should be used. I thought I removed it, but I had a source control issue towards the end of the cycle and I think I got out code that didn't have the oGlobal removed.

oResources existed previously but wasn't documented and I forgot it was actually there. When I realized that that it was I changed everything over to it and added additional functionality (mainly .AddProperty() to wwCollection and wwNameValueCollection) so oResources can act both as a collection and property value store.

The help file is actually up to date - oGlobal is removed, but the way help builder uploads old topics don't get deleted unless I explicitly remove them so it actually doesn't break like it should. All very funky :-)

Sorry about the confusion. I'll update the docs and the code is updated here already. I'll be posting a small update in the next few days that has a couple of very small bug fixes like this in it.

Thanks for the feedback!

+++ RIck ---


What is your intent vis a vis oGlobal and oResources? The What's New page of v5.62 references oResources, but is linked to the oGlobal page. Both oGlobal and oResources are identically created in wwServer. Is one going to be dropped in a future version?


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