Re: vfp back and forth to js
Mar. 13, 2012
08:37 am
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From: Tuvia Vinitsky
To: Tuvia Vinitsky
I should add that I have used waRowSource successfully with dropdowns, only listboxes are a problem for me.

I have never successfully gotten a listbox to populate from waRowSource. NO matter what it shows blank. I can populate it other ways, but not from waRowSource. In my exaple I ended up using rowsourcetype of fields from a table.

If you send me a listbox example that works I will try and see why it does not work for me.

Sorry I don't understand your question

executes reports.scx.vmclst1.requery() on server side
If this method updates reports.scx.vmclst1.waRowSource, FoxInCloud will detect it and send back to browser.

What are expected and obtained result?
Please post any screen shot that can illustrate that

Note : in


the first parameter ('requery') should be a DOM event object.

I have been updating fields sometimes, like date popups, via javascript. To get VFP to recognize changes, I use:


Works great. But now I want to go the other way, sort of. I called a requery from javascript like this. It worked fine to update the VFP data values:


But after that VFP shows the updated data from the requery. So my question is how to I tell FiC to update the listbox items from what is in VFP?

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