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Re: Installation Errors
Mar. 12, 2012
09:21 pm
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From: Rick Strahl
To: Craig Tucker
hmmm... I thought that the SqlServerCE assmbly installs with .NET 4.0.

Anyway there's only one place in the code where this is used (in an exception block). That code can be commented out. I've removed that code and you can update it from the SVN repository, or from here:


FWIW, the Web Toolkit doesn't use WCF REST. It's a similar implementation but it doesn't use any of the WCF bits.

+++ Rick ---

Yes, I am working in 4.0. I think these are installed with SQL Server Compact Edition (which I don't have).
I am running 2008 R2 - does this mean I will need to download and install SQLServerCE to get the reference?
Version 1.18 compiles fine - I am working with that version for now.

A few comments on some items I have been playing with...

The ScriptVariables is great!
ScriptVariables serverVars = new ScriptVariables(this, "serverVars");
I also cannot believe how easy the AjaxMethodCallback works too - That's my favorite!

I am mainly concentrating on the WCF REST and Entity Framework Code First at the moment.
Rest\Album and StockService are very good examples.
How come there is no link to the Album online anywhere (or am I missing it)?
The Album is a WCF REST that works with EFCodeFirst - perfect example.

I want to create a WCF REST service that accepts an INVPK via "clean" Querystring and run the busInvoice.CalculateShipping() method with the EFCodeFirst business framework. All I need to return is an XML success string.

Thanks for all the help - The WWWToolkit is awesome.

Do you have .NET 4.0 installed?

The warnings are mostly for missing XML comments in places which is fine.

+++ Rick ---

Hi Rick,
I am trying to install the WWWToolkit for asp.net and am getting a whole slew of errors.

I downloaded a clean new version of the latest zip.
I installed the test data into SQL Server.

Where do I get System.Data.SqlServerCe?
Upon compile I get 12 errors:

///SCT 3/12/12 commented out
using System.Data.SqlServerCe;

///SCT 3/12/12 commented out
// catch (SqlCeException ex)
// {
// if (ex.ErrorCode == -2147467259)
// {
// sql =
//@"CREATE TABLE [" + Tablename + @"] ( [id] [int] , [ConfigData] [ntext] )";
// try
// {
// data.ExecuteNonQuery(sql);
// }
// catch(Exception ex2)
// {
// return null;
// }

// // try again if we were able to create the table
// return Read<T>();
// }

// }

After I comment these out - I get 1063 warnings.

Please help, would like to get a clean compile.
Thanks, Craig

Rick Strahl
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