Re: Developing sample app
Mar. 7, 2012
07:49 am
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From: Garth Groft
To: Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
3.,4.,5. - debugger screens - see private email, forthcoming..
7. a. no title bars -the entire design has forms with no title ba - client's choice. We created a form with no title bar and tested in FIC - Title bar is still present. Apparently FiC does not support NoTitleBar form property. Any CSS options on title bar?
7. b. no min., max. or close buttons on any forms. CSS options ???
7. d. no VFP or FIC text or icons wanted anywhere in production version. See private email attachments.


1. You can set .RecordSource at design time or at grid.Init() - better not change it afterwards
2. FiC supports child grid with a parameterized view - just requery your child view when parent grid record changes - just like in our on-line demo
3. please provide a debugger screen shot when error occurs
4. same as 3.
5. please check you don't have 2 copies of the same vcx in scope
6. .wAfterRowChange() should run if .AfterRowColChange() has no code at all
7.a. don't understant
7.b. on master form or child form?
7.c. just implement your sub-class of awFrmMB (xxx.vcx!xxxFrmMB) and check xxx.vcx!xxxFrm.cwcMessageBoxClass = 'xxxFrmMB'
7.d. "no FoxInCloud text" - where?

Further along ...
1. We put the record source definitions for both parent and child tables in the form's init() but saw no obvious difference.

2. We replaced the set filter parent/child table link with a set relation link. This works as expected in VFP IDE, but in browser, child table grid shows all child records. We added expression (Projects.domain+ to relational expression property in child grid - no change. How can we show only the child record associated with parent table records in browser?

3. For our convenience, we added the FAA app (awadapterstart) to our project. This works fine except when we hit Run, we get a messages "There is no disk in the drive ....".

4. When FAA comes up and we hit "Adapt" we get repeated messages, "The Acrobat Reader that is running cannot be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser. ..." Acrobat is not running and we have the default set to PDF-XChange Viewer. ???

5. When we run xxxtest.prg to test the app in a browser, we get the message "Alias name already in use" twice. We hit ignore and are able to proceeded and test the app in the browser anyway.

6. We had to put replicate our wAfterRowChange() code under AfterRowColChange to make the app work in VFP IDE. We verified that wAfterRowChange() is not being run in VFP IDE by adding a SET STEP ON to the method.

7. Here is some feedback from our client to our FoxInCloud screens:
a. They want no title bar which can be handled within in VFP. We like the abilty to move windows. Maybe title bar can be retained but "disguised".
b. They don't want the three buttons at the top of a window.
c. They want the message box icons to be much smaller.
d. no FoxInCloud text.