Ready to start documenting your Projects and Applications?

Whether it's building end user applications, developer documentation for components, or to create online documentation for a project, product or service, Help Builder makes organizing your documentation easy.

HTML Help Builder makes it easy to create organized, cross-linked documentation by providing powerful tools to create end user application or component/API documentation. Create Help files, Web Html content and Word/PDF output all from a single documentation source in Help Builder.

Help Builder's unique workflow focuses on content creation that makes you more productive when creating documentation. Help Builder separates content from design by using templates that merge topic text with customizable HTML templates, providing a consistent look and feel to your help file. Use Help Builder's markup tools to quickly insert text markup, images, capture screen shots and create cross links to other topics intuitively. Many thoughtful tools make the process so productive you'll enjoy building documentation as you work.

Developer Features

If you're a developer you'll love Help Builder's one-click support for importing classes from .NET, Visual FoxPro and COM objects.

integrates with:
You can also import and auto-document SQL Server 2005-2013 and Visual FoxPro databases. Help Builder also integrates with Visual Studio and Visual FoxPro to make Help Builder available directly in your development environment. Finally, Help Builder can be automated as a .NET component or COM Server, so you can create automated routines to build and interact with your help content. There's also Help Builder Console so you can integrate Help Builder into your build process. Finally you can also extend Help Builder's features with an add-in interface using any .NET Language, COM or FoxPro code.

Here's what Help Builder's rich IDE looks like previewing an auto-imported .NET class.

Output Options

When you're done creating content, generate output for:

  • HTML Help 1.0 (CHM) Files
  • Plain HTML for professional display of your documentation on your Web site
  • Upload HTML content to your Web site with built-in FTP support
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or later (requires a version of Word installed)
  • Html Help Workshop Project

Take advantage of these useful features

  • Powerful HTML Help like IDE - see exactly what your topics looks like as you create them
  • Focus on content creation not 'design tweaking'
  • Clear separation of content and design via scripted HTML templates
  • Templates and topic text use standard HTML and CSS for layout - nothing new to learn
  • Real time preview of each topic including link jumping in the IDE
  • Visual HTML editing of topics or plain text for writing efficiency - your choice
  • Intuitive Markup tools for most common tasks
  • Optionally use plain HTML for complex custom features
  • Easy cross-linking to other topics and Web content
  • Easy screen capture embedding from within Help Builder (optionally using SnagIt)
  • Generate output to Html Help (CHM), Microsoft Word and plain HTML
  • Easily upload your HTML documentation to your Web Site via FTP
  • Extensible: Allows custom topic types and custom fields
  • Custom icon support in HTML Help files

Developer Features

  • Component and developer documentation tools
  • Easily format HTML, XML and Source code in your topics
  • Syntax color highlighting for code: C#, VB.NET, VFP, Java, HTML and XML
  • IDE Integration with VS.NET 2010/2008/2005 and Visual FoxPro
  • Update Help Context Ids in your controls from Help Builder
  • Update Xml Comments in .NET from Help Builder Topics

Component and Database Imports

  • Import .NET assemblies and types
  • Import COM classes and entire typelibraries
  • Import SQL Server Database or individual tables
  • Import Visual FoxPro classes (PRG and VCX) and Databases
  • Import WSDL Web Services
  • Once topics have been imported they can be further modified
    allowing addition of things like examples, notes etc.
  • Two way tools in VS.NET allow you to change comments
    in source code or Help Builder and update each other.

Standards based and Extensible

  • HTML 5 Templates let you completely customize the overall design
  • CSS based styling keep your design consistent
  • Individual topic templates allow customization of each topic type
  • Simple layout design is easy to customize:
    No overly complex style schemes like the MSDN docs
  • ASP Style Scripting for templates: Write code to make it do what you need it to do beyond our templates. Full access to object model!
  • Full COM and .NET Automation interface to the Help Builder engine and forms interface
  • VS.NET and Visual FoxPro Integration samples are provided

Help Builder has been created by developers for developers so we use this tool every day to document our own components and tools. We use it for end user as well as developer documentation, for creation and archiving of internal knowledgebases, as a code depository, BLOG editor and archiver and much, much more. The content creation opportunities are endless.

So what are you waiting for? Take a test drive with our fully functional shareware version to see for yourself how productive you can be creating documentation. Download it today!

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Updated: 11/28/13