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West Wind SOAP Manager

For a more up to date tool that uses more the reliable .NET
Web Service Client to call Web Services please check out:

West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator for Visual FoxPro

Interested in calling remote clients using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in a more reliable way with more options for VFP native types than provided by the MS SOAP Toolkit? Then this toolkit is for you.

The West Wind wwSOAP implementation provides a full SOAP implementation with Visual FoxPro code to provide SOAP packaging, unpackaging and HTTP services for calling remote services to a SOAP based Web Service. This product is distributed as fully functional freeware.

Download wwSOAP (10/29/2004 - 340k)

This toolkit provides:

  • Full SOAP support
    wwSOAP supports a full featured implementation of the SOAP spec that's relevant for Visual FoxPro. The SOAP classes are implemented completely using Visual FoxPro code, without external dependencies other than the MSXML parser.

  • WSDL support
    Version 2.0 adds full support for WSDL with a custom WSDL parser that allows you simply point at a Web Service and run methods on it. The WSDL parser object also provides runtime type information on the Web Service which can be used for code generation or live method display via Intellisense. The WSDL parser can be used independently of SOAP requests to provide runtime type information to your application.

  • Easy to use SOAP client
    Making a SOAP request is as simple as setting a URL to call, setting parameters to be sent to the server and calling the method. wwSOAP handles packaging of the SOAP request, making the HTTP remote method call and unpackaging the result, including the proper data types (if provided by the server either via explicit data types or via an external SDL file)

  • Complex Type Support
    wwSOAP supports a complete arsenal of simple datatypes as well as support for many complex types including hierarchical objects returned from the server. In addition, wwSOAP allows selection of how you want to return results including converted type, string or XMLDOM node for custom parsing. In conjunction with wwXML it's possible to parse even very complex types without manually using an XML parser. Examples in the help file demonstrate parsing of object arrays and .Net Datasets easily.

  • SOAP Helper Class
    A powerful SOAPHelper class is provided that can generate skeleton Web Services (requires Web Connection or MSSOAP toolkit server side components), generate WSDL files from a Web Service (COM or wwSOAP based) as well as the ability to generate proxy classes from Web Services. Proxy classes dynamically generate VFP client code to call remote Web Services using single method calls and provides wrappered error handling support to SOAP requests.

wwSOAP is provided as limited freeware and you can freely distribute this code in your compiled applications. Limited because the support libraries like wwHTTP must be used in conjunction with wwSOAP and cannot be used separately. wwSOAP and the various utility classes are also part of these West Wind commercial packages which include fully documented and supported versions of all the classes in the wwSOAP distribution:

West Wind Web Connection
West Wind Client Tools
West Wind Web Connection Server