Need to access Web Service with Visual FoxPro? Then you've probably found that Visual FoxPro doesn't make this task easy as the native tools to call Web Services are dated and deprecated. The SOAP Toolkit is limited and doesn't work well with complex types, so what should you use? .NET provides a reliable and up to date Web Service platform, but accessing Web Service through .NET from FoxPro can be complex and time consuming.

West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator can help make the process of using .NET as a Web Service proxy easier. This tool provides the following features:

  • Provides an easy to use Web Service Wizard
  • Creates .NET Web Service Proxy assembly
  • Creates a FoxPro Proxy class as PRG file
  • Allows browsing of the generated assembly with .NET Reflector
  • Allows access to the .NET Proxy with COM Registration
  • Facilitates .NET component access with wwDotNetBridge
  • Provides easy packaging for including proxies in your applications

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