Making changes to Front End logic

The most common logic changes will likely occur in business objects. However, you will very likely also make changes to the ASPX and CodeBehind pages.

Although it's possible to subclass ASPX and the CodeBehind pages I don't think there's a lot of value in this functionality for front end code. Changes made to these files should be tracked and if you do perform an update you need to back up your copy of these files and copy them back in.

Subclassing is possible, especially if changes are made to the CodeBehind classes. You can subclass codebehind pages easily enough by simply deriving from the original codebehind page and then pointing the ASPX page at this codebehind class and file:

<%@ Page language="c#"  Codebehind="orderform_subclass.aspx.cs" inherits="Westwind.WebStore.OrderForm_subclass"%>

But this doesn't offer much value in the front end, because the subclass must be bound in somewhere which still requires that the ASPX page is changed anyway.

It might be best to simply treat the front end pages as immutable once you've changed them and simply backup and copy back in after an update.

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