Pricing and Licensing

The West Wind Web Store sample application product ships with full source code for the online Web store and offline viewer application.


West Wind Web Store Full C# Source Code Version
US$ 299.00
This version includes the C# Web Store source code for the ASP.Net front end and its business object layer. It also includes all the source code for the wwBusiness Business object framework and the ASP.Net Framework support classes which include, many generic features like logging, error trapping, generic message display, configuration management and much much more. This source collection is chock full of reusable code that can be used in any application and is meticulously documented. Includes developer license and one live store license.

West Wind Web Store Base Version
US$ 99.00
This version provides the functional Web Store plus the source code for the ASPX and business object code. It does not include the source code for the business object and support framework and there's no license to use these components beyond the Web Store application. Includes a test license and one live store license.

Additional Store Licenses
The store is licensed per store installation. Both developer and basic versions include a single live license and a test license. If additional stores are installed additional licenses are required. Additional licenses can also be applied against additional developers.

Purchasing the Web Store

You can purchase the Web Store in our West Wind Web Store - imagine that. Please visit the following link to buy your licensed copy online:

For full pricing, ordering and licensing info please visit our Pricing Page.


The West Wind Web Store is licensed in two different ways:

Developer Version:
This version of the Web Store is licensed on a per developer basis. The developer version of the Web Store includes all source code, including source code to the framework classes and offline order manager application. The registered user of this license is allowed to modify the source code for customizations of the application. Registered developer is also allowed to re-distribute all or part of the Web Store code in compiled form. The deploment license is for 1 live site plus one development machine/test server. Additional store deployment require additional deployment licenses.

The developer may reuse the the framework classes in other projects as long as no source code is shipped to clients. Any source code distribution of any source files or modified source files of the West Wind Web Store or Framework requires an additional license. Code may be reused in other projects, but all provided source code remains Copyright of West Wind Technologies and must keep any copyright notices intact, regardless of any changes made to the original source files.

Non-Developer Version:
This version of the store is licensed per Store deployment. You will need an additional license for each store you deploy.

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