Installation Requirements

To run the West Wind Web Store .Net you will need the following:

  • .Net Framework 2.0 or 1.1
  • IIS 4 or later with a Web Server up and running before installation
  • SQL Server 2005, 2000 or MSDE
    You can download MSDE from Microsoft for free.

Optional components:

The Web Store works with the following data sources:

  • SQL Server MSDE
  • Visual FoxPro (OleDb)

The wwBusiness Class also supports the following databases:

  • MySql
  • VistaDb
  • Generic OleDb Providers
  • Generic Odbc Providers
  • Oracle (only database owner mode at the moment)

Note: Out of these only Sql Server/MSDE and Visual FoxPro data is provided for the Web Store. We highly recommend you use SQL Server/MSDE since this is what the store is designed for. Other database servers are not directly supported for the Store and no databases are shipped, but you can port the data on your own if you choose.

Source Code
All source code is provided in C# with support for Visual Studio .Net projects. The application comes pre-built so no compilation is required for basic setup.

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