Class DbSimpleResourceProviderFactory

Provider factory that instantiates the individual provider. The provider passes a 'classname' which is the ResourceSet id or how a resource is identified. For global resources it's the name of hte resource file, for local resources it's the full Web relative virtual path

public class DbSimpleResourceProviderFactory : ResourceProviderFactory

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ASP.NET sets up provides the global resource name which is the resource ResX file (without any extensions). This will become our ResourceSet id. ie. Resource.resx becomes "Resources"

public virtual IResourceProvider CreateGlobalResourceProvider(string classname)


ASP.NET passes the full page virtual path (/MyApp/subdir/test.aspx) wich is the effective ResourceSet id. We'll store only an application relative path (subdir/test.aspx) by stripping off the base path.

public virtual IResourceProvider CreateLocalResourceProvider(string virtualPath)


Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.web.dll

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