Class DbSimpleResourceProvider

Implementation of a very simple database Resource Provider. This implementation is self contained and doesn't use a custom ResourceManager. Instead it talks directly to the data resoure business layer (DbResourceDataManager).

Dependencies: DbResourceDataManager DbResourceConfiguration

You can replace those depencies (marked below in code) with your own data access management. The two dependcies manage all data access as well as configuration management via web.config configuration section. It's easy to remove these and instead use custom data access code of your choice.

public class DbSimpleResourceProvider : object, IResourceProvider,

Class Members





Clears out the resource cache which forces all resources to be reloaded from the database.

This is never actually called as far as I can tell

public sealed void ClearResourceCache()


The Resource Reader is used parse over the resource collection that the ResourceSet contains. It's basically an IEnumarable interface implementation and it's what's used to retrieve the actual keys


Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.web.dll

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