Class DbResourceProvider

The DbResourceProvider class is an ASP.NET Resource Provider implementation that retrieves its resources from a database. It works in conjunction with a DbResourceManager object and so uses standard .NET Resource mechanisms to retrieve its data. The provider should be fairly efficient and other than initial load time standard .NET resource caching is used to hold resource sets in memory.

The Resource Provider class provides the base interface for accessing resources. This provider interface handles loading resources, caching them (using standard Resource Manager functionality) and allowing access to resources via GetObject.

This provider supports global and local resources, explicit expressions as well as implicit expressions (IImplicitResourceProvider).

There's also a design time implementation to provide Generate LocalResources support from ASP.NET Web Form designer.

public class DbResourceProvider : object, IResourceProvider,

Class Members



Default constructor - only captures the parameter values


Flag that can be read to see if the resource provider is loaded


Releases all resources and forces resources to be reloaded from storage on the next GetResourceSet

public sealed void ClearResourceCache()


IResourceProvider interface - required to provide an instance to an ResourceManager object.

Note that the resource manager is not tied to a specific culture by default. The Provider uses the UiCulture without explicitly passing culture info.


Required instance of the ResourceReader for this provider. Part of the IResourceProvider interface. The reader is responsible for feeding the Resource data from a ResourceSet. The interface basically walks an enumerable interface by ResourceId.


Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.web.dll

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