Class DbResourceControl

The DbResourceControl class provides Page level Resource Administration support to localizable ASP.NET pages. This control allows bringing up the localization Administration Form that shows all localizable resources for editing and translation.

The control also provides the ability to show icons next to each control to jump directly to the appropriate control in the Admin form. The control can automatically detect Page, Control, Master Page (any template control) resources and jump directly to the appropriate resource entry if it exists.

Note the control shows all Localizable controls, but there's no guarantee that the controls are actually hooked up for localization in the ASP.NET page, control, master etc. resource. You need to ensure either implicit or explicit resources are actually configured on the pages.

For the control to work it merely should be placed on any form that is localizable. Display of the control is globally controlled via the DbResourceConfiguration object (and the DbResourceConfigurationSection in Web.config by default) which allows toggling display of the control in the UI and toggling the display of the individual resource icons.

The Administration form relies on the availability of the Administration form (LocalizeForm.aspx) and a configuration entry that points at this control. This form must be distributed with your Web application.

public class DbResourceControl : Control

Class Members



The default control constructor.


public void AddLocalizationIcons(Control control,     bool TopLevel)


Goes through the form and returns a list of all control on a form that are marked as [Localizable]

public List GetAllLocalizableControls(Control ContainerControl)



Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.web.dll

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