Class DbResourceSet

DbResourceSet is the ResourceSet implementation for the database driven Resource manager. A ResourceSet is a IEnumerable list of all resources in set for a given specific culture. Each culture has a separate resource set. The ResourceManager caches the InternalResourceSets and figures out how to return the resources from this ResourceSet using the IEnumerable interface.

The ResourceSet doesn't do any work - it serves merely as a coordinator with an enumeration interface that passes the data to the Resource Manager. The actual reading of resources is managed by the ResourceReader which eventually calls into the database to retrieve the resources for the ResourceSet.

public class DbResourceSet : ResourceSet

Class Members



Core constructor. Gets passed a baseName (which is the ResourceSet Id - either a local or global resource group) and a culture.

This constructor basically creates a new ResourceReader and uses that reader's IEnumerable interface to provide access to the underlying resource data.


Marker method that provides the type used for the ResourceReader. Not used.

public virtual Type GetDefaultReader()


Marker method that provides the type used for a ResourceWriter. Not used.

public virtual Type GetDefaultWriter()


Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.dll

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