Class DbResourceReader

DbResourceReader is an IResourceReader for reading resources from a database. The ResourceReader is the actual Resource component that accesses the underlying datasource to retrieve the resource data.

This databased manager uses the DbResourceDataManager to query the database and retrieve a list of resources for a given baseName (ResourceSet) and Culture and returns that result as an IEnumerable list (via a HashTable). This process - other than the data access - results in the same structures as resources read from ResX files.

public class DbResourceReader : object, IResourceReader,

Class Members



Core constructor for DbResourceReader. This ctor is passed the name of the ResourceSet and a culture that is to be loaded.


Closes the resource reader after releasing any resources associated with it

public sealed void Close()


Releases all resources used by the object. Ultimately this is called by ResourceManager.ReleaseAllResources which calls on the ResourceSet and then down into the reader to close its resources.

This code cleans up the internally created dictionary which in turn comes from a Hashtable.

public sealed void Dispose()


public sealed IDictionaryEnumerator GetEnumerator()


Namespace: Westwind.Globalization
Assembly: westwind.globalization.dll

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