West Wind Web Store

Credit Cards

Welcome to the West Wind Web Store , where you can pretend-buy West Wind and other third party developer tools for .Net and Visual FoxPro using none of your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. So go on a shopping spree - live high on the hog!

What's a SandBox?

This SandBox is meant to be used to play around in. You can place orders and access the Administration Interface of this non-live version of the Web Store so you can see the full range of functionality this product provides. Note: that this allows for user content for all the risque content it might provide although we purge data nightly.

Placing Orders

To place and order and get the credit card payments to not check for valid credit cards use one of the following:
  • Use TEST as the Promo Code
  • Use 4111 1111 1111 1111 as the Credit Card Number.

Go ahead, get out your shovels and Tonka trucks and drive around for a test drive. Go to the Administration Interface Page and review orders you placed or add new items into the Inventory, upload pictures.
What's new at West Wind Technologies
West Wind Html Help Builder 4.0 We're proud to announce Help Builder 4.0! Help Builder is a unique tool that helps you build HTML Help 1.0 and 2.0 files and HTML documentation quickly and easily. Ideal for both end user and developer documentation creation. Help Builder consists of a visual IDE that works in the same way the final help file does. Help Builder lets you focus on content while taking care of the design via common templates so you can get the job done quickly and consistently. Developer features include imports for .NET Types, COM objects and type libraries, Visual FoxPro classes, Sql Server and FoxPro Databases and much more. New in this release is Visual Studio .NET integration (VS2003 & VS2005), much improved support for visual editing of topic content, FTP Upload of HTML output, improved screen captures, automatic icon generation, syntax color highlighting, plus many, many user interface enhancements. Help has arrived! Get productive today! Get 4.0 today!
West Wind Web Store .NET 1.50 Interested in building an online e-Commerce application to sell products online? Then check out the West Wind Web Store for .NET. The store features an easy to use baseline store that's easy to customize and extend and build on as you would expect. it comes with full C# source code and is built on an extensible business framework. It also includes a host of ASP.Net and general tools that are common and resuable for any application. Built typical West Wind modular style so you can pick your tools without being forced into a full framework. Version 1.50 supports ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 Beta 2.
Monitor your sites with West Wind Web Monitor Need to check your Web site to make sure it's up and running? Web Monitor is a powerful and specialized tool that let's you monitor one or many Web site URLs and verify whether they are alive and returning the content they are supposed to be returning. Get notified via email or pager and fire URLs or applications automatically in response to failures. If you administer your own Web site, you need this tool. Version 3.0 adds Windows Service support and a remote Web Interface to view service statistics and administer the Service.
West Wind Web Connection 4.40 is here Web Connection 4.40 is now available for download for new users of Web Connection. Version 4 adds many new features and tools and is optimized for Visual FoxPro 7.0 and 8.0 while continuing to support VFP 6.0. Existing users can purchase an upgrade to version 4.x from version 3.x.

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