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Need to keep an eye on your Web site? Worried that the site might not be up and running returning accurate results? Or do you need to have your Web site perform tasks at regular maintenance operations at regular intervals?

Web Monitor can help you monitor Web links to make sure they are still online. It can watch multiple Web sites and links and notify you via email or pager when there is a problem. It can even launch another URL or executable file to correct the problem without manual intervention when a failure occurs. And it will notify you again if the site comes back up if the automated tasks succeeded.

Web Monitor can run as a Windows Service or as an interactive application on the desktop or in the taskbar. You can use the interactive UI to set up sites for either interface, or use plain XML files for scripted non-interactive configuration.

There have been lots of changes in Version 3.0 including support for Windows Service operation, new logging options and the ability to remotely administer Web Monitor and view status. See for yourself what's new in 3.0.

Features of the Basic version

  • Monitor any number of Web sites simultaneously
  • Check each site for containing specific result text
  • Check for match strings or non matches with plain text or Regex expressions
  • Configure each site individually including messages, actions and check frequency
  • Monitor sites once every few seconds or once a day - it's up to you
  • Send email or pager notifications (via email) in response to failures
  • Unlimited number of recipients are supported
  • Can run multiple executable file or URLs in response to a failures
  • Detects site reactivation and send notification of reactivation
  • Logging of failure and restart events
  • System auto-startup and System Tray Operation options
  • Support for HTTP logins, proxies and authenticated email servers
  • Easy configuration through a Windows Interface or through XML files.

Additional Features of the Service Version

  • Operation as a Windows Service
  • Remote Web Administration through IIS with ASP.NET front end to Windows Service
  • Ability to extend functionality through add-ins written in any .NET language
  • .NET C# source code version available (optional)

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