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Sample Application Version 3.50
for West Wind Web Connection (FoxPro)

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Sample Application provided with Source Code
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    West Wind Web Connection 5.30 or later
    Visual FoxPro 9.0, 8.0

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Version 3.50a has been released!    04/8/2008
The new version sports a new interface that is more flexible and more easily customizable, as well as much improved performance and throughput and full integration with Web Connection's wwBusiness class. In addition the setup and configuration has been beefed up, Sql Server support expanded. There's new support for Authorize.NET, updated LinkPoint support and PayPal payments. There's also a new facility to add custom subtypes (like Size, Color etc.) to any item and capture that information automatically as part of the item addition. The offline store application has also gained a bunch of functionality including full remote control capability for managing inventory from the Fat Client interface (as well as the Web interface). This version is also compatible with the .NET version, so both FoxPro and .NET versions can use the same SQL Server data store and the offline application can use the .NET Web Service to download data.
When thinking of the typical Web application you invariably get the image of an online storefront to sell products online. While e-Commerce is much more than that, variations of Web stores continue to be amongst the most frequent Web projects that are built.

With the Web Store Sample application we are providing you with a fully functional online shopping cart system with full source code. You can use it as is or customize the code for your specific business environment. Why reinvent the wheel for user tracking and profile management, a flexible shopping cart, built-in support for credit card processing and flexible inventory management? A powerful offline order manager lets you download orders and process them offline as well as update and manage inventory remotely. Even if you don't plan on implementing a online store this application is an excellent example how to build a sophisticated Web Connection application using business objects, HTML templates and building distributed applications that can share data over the Web.

The application provides the following features:

  • Based on extensible business objects
    The store is designed separating the business and display logic clearly. The Web Connection code only 'drives' the business objects, making for a clean Web interface. The same business objects are used in the offline viewer application. The business object classes support extension for base operations like shipping and tax calculations through behavior classes you can attach to the business objects. Other features can be extended easily through subclassing.


  • Supports both Visual FoxPro and SQL Server Tables
    The business object layer provides switched data access to either Visual FoxPro or SQL Server data. The base business object class can handle most data access tasks without any special code to access either data source resulting in only minimal amounts of data server specific code in the actual business logic code.


  • Web display through HTML Templates
    The visual display of the application is handled through Web Connection HTML templates (ASP Style tags) in FrontPage created pages. This allows user interface editing without touching the business logic and without requiring code changes. The store also interoperates with the .NET version when using SQL Server.


  • Sophisticated User Management
    The store provides user profile management for tracking shoppers through the store and the ability for visitors to reconnect to their profiles either automatically via cookies or via logging on to their profile. The profile, as all files are easily extensible via custom fields or XML based properties.


  • Basic Inventory Management
    Inventory items can be set up to track inventory counts. Items can be either physical or virtual for those selling electronically distributable items. Inventory can be managed online or offline using the offline order manager application which can upload inventory of individual items or the entire inventory file.


  • Order Processing and Credit Card Support
    Order processing can be accomplished right online using a set of easy to use credit card validation classes (requires merchant setup with an Authorize.NET, Verisign PayFlow Pro, LinkPoint, AccessPoint affiliated merchant) or by using PayPal. With PayPal you can process payments in minutes. Or you can process credit cards offline from the order manager application.


  • XML capable
    The application is also XML enabled with most requests being able to serve XML data directly to XML enabled clients. You can download orders in XML format, get inventory information via XML and even place orders in XML format providing a B2B interface to your store for resellers and corporate customers alike.


  • Fully functional offline order manager application
    An offline order manager application that demonstrates the XML features in a distributed application is also provided. The offline manager can download (and also upload) orders, verify credit cards (requires merchant setup), send email notifications, show shipping status. It also provides remote inventory management with full interaction between the offline application and the Web application.


  • Full Source Code
    Since this application ships as a sample it comes with fully documented Visual FoxPro source code written by Rick Strahl. Provided is the source for the Web Connection server application, the business object classes, the HTML templates and sample images and the full offline order manager application. The application is documented with an HTML Help file containing a full class reference and a walkthrough. The full documentation is available for online viewing as well.

The application comes as a Web Connection add-on which installs into a Web Connection application directory and is installed by running a customized New Project Wizard that creates a new Visual FoxPro project for you. Once the project is generated you can have the store up and running in its default configuration just like it runs on this Web site. Source code for this customized Wizard is also available which is a useful example how to create custom Web Connection installers.

Don't waste your time re-inventing the wheel - see how it's done the easy way.

This application ships as a sample application, which means we provide only limited support for this product. The application was basically designed for operation on this Web site and no attempt has been made to make this product fully generic for all online point of sale applications. However, we feel that the key features that most online store applications will need are provided in this package in an elegant implementation that can be easily extended and customized.