Html Date Input

These inputs using the HtmlDateTextBox() function in wwHtmlHelpers to auto-render either a BootStrap DateTimePicker or native controls for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Posted: 06/13/2024 09:31:42 AM
Posted: 06/13/2024 06:51:42 AM
Bootstrap 4 DateTime Picker (manual)

These examples explicitly use a BootStrap Date Time Picker, manually assigning the value to display using Request.FormOrValue() to reassign the value.

Posted: 06/14/2024 08:31:42 AM
Posted: 06/14/2024 08:31:42 AM
Browser Native Date Control (manual)

These examples use native date controls to read and write values. Note that native date controls use ISO8601 dates to display dates which requires special parsing - note that not all browsers support native date controls (IE in particular) so this is very tricky to get to work across all browsers. I suggest you use the auto or date picker modes of HtmlDateTextBox() instead which has this logic built in.

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