Maui 2006/2007
Winter 2006/Spring 2007

  • Lazy surfin' days...
  • Ah, it's good to live by the Sea! Sushi good!!!
  • Rocky Road - sunset over La Perouse.
  • Somebody's gotta work around here!
  • Can I help you?
  • Who left the Skylights open? Baby Beach at sunset.
  • Ginger Ale
  • Monster waves on Easter Sunday at Kanaha with 20ft+ faces coming in...
  • ... and closing out hard. The closeout backwash was over mast high. Now I really wish I had taken a few more exciting pics than these, but I couldn't stay on the beach for more than a few minutes without going back out... it's been too long for a day like this.
  • Spending way too much time here...
  • Living off the land - the bananas are going off this year in the garden!
  • Eating out at Maui's finest. Lizard feasting.
  • My little friend here really is dragging out his lunch a little too much...
  • My first Tangerine! The damn tree is 4 years old and it produced exactly that - 1 fruit!
  • Too much time on the water... This winter's been awesome for sailing and I've become lobster face...
  • Passed out on the job - no Ahi for you!
  • New addition to the family
  • While I was at it I decided to clean up the garage and ended up with this!!! Way too much shit - time to have garage sale!
  • Over the hill: Life's passing me by in the rear view mirror. Taken on my 40th birthday... Aaaaaaargh!
  • Sky pool in La Perouse
  • Man of the Sea - Morgan watching for a Message in a Bottle.
  • Paint me in - and no, this is not photoshopped, just a contrasty sunset.
  • Salt Lick!
  • Blub, blub...
  • A lonely palm on the south shore. Not so lonely actually - around sunset this seems to be a hot tourist ticket...
  • Just one more drop...
  • Morgan and Lori in La Perouse
  • The house is still standing after the earthquake...
  • Others in the household didn't fare so well during the Earthquake. Apparently some Earthquake drills are in order.
  • Sugar Cane in full bloom before it's getting burned down. This fields a little up behind the house and it'll be raining burnt soot from it soon.
  • Banyan Tree at the old sugarcane factory - you can't really tell but there's a building inside!
  • Big waves and big Kona winds rip the through Maui at the end of January. Hard to tell, but those waves are 30+ feet!
  • To give an idea of size, here's a windsurfer on a wave. I got there too late this was the last guy out before everybody got blown off the water...
  • This is the scene out of my back yard. Several gusts of nearly 70 miles an hour were reported at the airport today!
  • Later in the evening things mellowed out a bit but made for beautiful lines at Hookipa.
  • Moonrise over Hookipa east.

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