Conference Pictures 2002
The following are a few pictures from various conferences in 2002. This year my travelling was rather light and I only attended a handful of conferences. Still there were a few memorable moments especially at the German DevCon in Frankfurt where I got to visit my Dad again. Cool conference by the way - highly recommended even for US visitors.

  • Rick will be returning 'home'... emphasis on the parenthesis. DevCon Dinner Discussions ensued.
  • Wendy demonstrating how to properly eat Lobster. Calvin would be proud...
  • Lunch anybody? Comfortable spot to take a break in Orlando at DevCon
  • The Mere Mortal!!! Snagged from Kevin's booth and attached to the West Wind/EPS booth.
  • Welcome to Frankfurt. Beer drinkers and hell raisers after sessions at the German DevCon.
  • Kevin and his first JaegerMeister... we all wept - until he had to give his 8am session the next morning. Then we lauged... <g>
  • Roemer Boot on the field trip. Impressive construction for those days...
  • Scoping the 'competition'. Friendly discussion with the ProLib guys about the non-existant vendor traffic at the conference.
  • And another view. This thing had something that looked like a machine gun nest at the top - apparently for a big cross bow to shoot at the Gothic invaders (or whatever).
  • This is what it musta looked like in action
  • Market place in Mainz.
  • This Saint apparently got it right when he was talking about 'Bible Thumping'. Statue in front of the Mainzer Dom.
  • The old town in Frankfurt near the conference hotel.
  • German style condos... Colorful reconstructed houses with a couple of nice good old German style restaurants. If only the food at the conference hadn't been that good.
  • Making sure we had enough water at hand at night after a drinking bout.
  • A reminder from a long way home. HasenDame im Auto...
  • Peter and Moni in Westerwald. Walking around a freezing cold, closed town was no fun for someone from Hawaii
  • Herr Strahl - wieder 'mal auf Schlemmer Tour.
  • Jim Murez at the West Wind conference with a new haircut. No more flying locks out of the Acura, huh?
  • Randy Pearson during his session.
  • Don't look so excited guys. Randy, Jim (aka Harvey) checking out Darrells session at the West Wind Conference
  • Mr. McMartini
  • Mr. McBlurredVision
  • Only one can win.....
  • Only one can win. Yeah, baby!!!
  • The Oak Leafe'sssss
  • Airport Dino in Chicago. They're really starting to step up security in airports these days...

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