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West Wind Technologies Consulting Services

West Wind Technologies can provide you with Web consulting and training services that can help get your new Web and Distributed application development projects off the ground quickly with services ranging from developer training in Web technologies, to specific mentoring in the startup phases of your projects as well as high end services in performance and scalability tuning of your applications. We specialize in  ASP.Net, C# and Visual FoxPro development, especially in areas of component development, application architecture and frameworks.

Training and consulting is provided primarily through Rick Strahl, well known author and architect of the popular Web Connection framework for Visual FoxPro. Rick is an internationally recognized expert on Web application development and a long time Microsoft MVP (C# and Visual FoxPro).

We can provide the following services:

Customized Web application development training
We can provide you with customized training for your Web development needs. Whether it's getting your development staff up to speed on current Web development technologies or whether you need specialized mentoring to get your first Web application off the ground we can help.

Web Connection training of all levels
As the developers of the Web Connection framework we're uniquely suited to provide with personalized training of Web Connection's functionality and feature set and how to utilize it efficiently in your application setting. We can provide project startup services and one on one development mentoring to get one or more of your developers up to speed quickly. 

.Net training
Getting started with .Net and need a jump start to get up and running quicker and take advantage of best practices? We can help with migration needs and strategy as well as provide services for setting up a solid foundation to build .Net applications quickly.

.Net Custom component and tool development
With the .Net Framework so new there are lots of things to learn and... lots of things that are also missing. We specialize in filling needs that aren't addressed by the .Net framework with speciality tool development.

Distributed application experts
The time has come for business integration services to take off on the Web. With all the talk of technologies like XML, SOAP, Web Services, BizTalk and a host of related standards surprisingly few companies are taking advantage of these technologies at this time. With the right tools and an understanding of the basic principles it's easy to take advantage of these technologies today. We can help you make sense of the alphabet soup and put it to use today easily.

Expertise for performance, stability and scalability tuning
Once you've built your Web application you also need to address additional issues to handle large volumes on your Web site and provide the reliability necessary to support mission critical applications. Our insight can help you fine tune your applications and help you with deploying an architecture that performs and scales well to almost any load.

Application Development
Although our primary focus is on tool development, training and mentoring services we also handle Web application development depending on our availability. Our main development focus is on distributed Web applications using .Net or Visual FoxPro with Web Connection. Please check for availability and rates.

For more information and rates please contact:

Rick Strahl
West Wind Technologies
(503) 914-6335