Welcome to the West Wind Toolkit.

This a rich library of utilities for Web and everyday development in .NET. It encompasses a wide variety of features spread out over a number of separate projects and NuGet packages provided in a single development package.

The toolset is also available as source code so you can pick and choose functionality from the toolset if you only need individual features.

These utility classes and components provide key productivity in day to day Web and general .NET development. Many of these tools and components have been published individually in articles and blog entries on Rick Strahl's Web site and there have been many requests to publish them as a supported and consolidated library, which turned into this unified toolkit that is integrated, documented and fully supported. And it's all available with full source code so you can use all of it or just portions as needed.

The toolkit is broken out into various packages, which are represented by the 6 NuGet Packages that it publishes to:

  • Westwind.Utilities - Core utilities and helper classes for all aspects of .NET
  • Westwind.Data - Business Object wrapper for Entity Framework Code First
  • Westwind.Web - Core ASP.NET helpers and components
  • Westwind.Web.Mvc - ASP.NET MVC support components
  • Westwind.Web.WebForms - ASP.NET WebForms controls, helpers and components
  • Westwind.Web.WebApi - ASP.NET WebAPI filters, behaviors and extensions
**Important: ** Version 2.0 is not 100% backwards compatible with version 1.x. Most features remain unchanged but due to namespace and assembly changes some code cleanup may be required. A few classes like the Configuration class also have changed in configuration and behavior.

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