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Conferences, Training and Speaking Appearances

Portland .NET User Group: Using jQuery with ASP.NET
September 1st, 2009
I'll be back at the Portland Area User Group (PADNUG) in September right after I return from Europe. This time the topic is using jQuery with ASP.NET. Here's the session abstract: jQuery is a compact and powerful JavaScript library that greatly simplifies JavaScript and HTML DOM manipulation. jQuery's appeal lies in its compact implementation and flexible and elegant use of selectors to select document elements and  manipulate them using jQuery's flexible and intuitive functions in a browser independent way. From AJAX functionality, to easy DOM manipulation, to simplified event handling,  to simple effects this compact library provides many ways to make client scripting much easier and… actually fun. Additionally a vast community of add-in authors have added hundreds of extremely useful, easy to use and free plug-ins that provide many common useful features to common client side tasks. In this session I'll show a quick review of jQuery's core client side features, but the main focus of this session will be on integration of ASP.NET server side functionality for AJAX callbacks. We'll look at various ways to interface with ASP.NET with jQuery via manual implementations in WebForms and MVC applications as well as using ASMX/WCF to handle callbacks. We'll also look at several examples that demonstrate how to effectively manage client side and server side operations in a maintainable way to minimize code and layout duplication by using client side templates and wrapping jQuery functionality via server side components.

Crash Course to using jQuery and Ajax with ASP.NET
November 2-4, 2009  (Houston, Texas)
I'll be doing a 3 day training seminar on using jQuery with ASP.NET for CoDe Training for a high intensity interactive seminar on one of my favorite topics. Here's the basic abstract: Find out how to take advantage of the power of jQuery in your Web applications in this intensive 3 day course that covers a wide range of topics for using jQuery in your ASP.NET applications. The course covers the basics of JavaScript and Ajax, the core client side features of jQuery, integration of jQuery via  Ajax callbacks against ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC  applications and extending of jQuery via plug-ins both third party and your own. The course is taught via instructor led live code samples and  walkthroughs.

Introduction to Web Development with ASP.NET for FoxPro and Web Connection Developers
November 5-7, 2009  (Houston, Texas)
I'll be doing a 3 day training seminar that introduces .NET and ASP.NET development to FoxPro developers with some specific focus given to similarities between the West Wind Web Connection product and ASP.NET development. The course covers a practical introduction  to .NET and C# language basics using best pr.actices and a host of tools to make it easier for FoxPro developers to become productive in .NET without having to wade through the low level learning curves in .NET. While there are no real short cuts to learning the breadth of .NET features, this course and support tools provide a jump start to get up to speed more quickly. The course covers the basics of .NET and C#, introduction to Web Forms and its architecture, a discussion of data access along with a business layer to access data easily. The course is taught via code demonstrations and a walk through of building a small application.

DevConnection Vegas
November 9-13, 2009
I'll be back at ASP.NET connections this fall in Las Vegas doing 3 sessions: Using jQuery with ASP.NET, Credit Card Processing for Web Applications, Low Level ASP.NET: Taking advantage of Modules and Handlers.